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After acquiring a Masters degree in Economics, he set up Earthcare Productions, making films on wildlife conservation and environmental justice. Since then he has produced several international award winning documentaries. His film, Tiger the Death Chronicles won the conservation award in International Wildlife Festival in Montana USA. The Latent City, film on Public Art and the City, won the Grand Prix at Document. Art film Festival in Romania.  Missing, his film on women and climate change, won the best director award at the Casselle film festival, Italy in 2014. He is the recipient of the CMS-UNEP Prithvi Ratna Lifetime Achievement Award in 2009. His film The Tiger Who Crossed the Line, was premiered on Discovery Channel in 2017 and received the National Award for the best environment film in 2017. He was also invited to the UN for a talk on “Conservation In India” to an invited audience of 45 heads of States and Diplomats, in 2018.


He is the founding member of, not for profit organisation - ECO (Earthcare Outreach Trust). ECO works with young adults  across South Asia, empowering them with the tools of filmmaking.  


He is a nominated member of IUCN’s Commission of Education and Communication.


Earthcare Productions is an Emmy Award winner and Krishnendu has co produced, produced and line produced several international award winning Television shows, prominent among them is Multiple Emmy award winning The Amazing Race and shows for Netflix and Amazon. 

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